Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers

--Course Objective:

Mandarin for the Cantonese speaker course aims to develop participants’ competence in understanding and speaking Mandarin (pǔ tōng huà). This course is devised specifically for students who are Cantonese Speakers, and concentrates on pronunciation and basic sentence structure using Hànyǔ Pīnyīn to enable students to learn standard Mandarin.

This course will help students to speak Mandarin (pǔ tōng huà) with confidence. There are three levels in the course, and each level is divided into three modules. Students will make rapid progress towards fluency with a course at their level, tailored to their needs. Every student’s progress is monitored from day one and they receive regular feedback throughout the course. Students are impressed at just how quickly their confidence grows as their pronunciation skills improve, and they are immersed in real-life situations and interactions within a Chinese - speaking environment.

  Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers Level 9

 Pre-requisites: Complete Mandarin 8 or approximately 140-160 hours of prior study.

 Relative Topics:

 - Beijing bicycles and traffic conditions

 - meeting in-laws

 - exhibition, show and sales

 - taking photographs

 - watching a football match

 - talking about Chinese medicine

 - country life in China

 Learning Outcomes:

 - know Beijing and its traffic condition

 - know how to meet your in-laws

 - talk about cultural activities such as going exhibitions and shows

 - know country life in China

 - know more about the traditional Chinese medicine

 - talk about sport games

 - talk about more on leisure activities

  Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers Level 10

 Pre-requisites: Complete Mandarin 9 or approximately 160-180 hours of prior study.

 Relative Topics:

 - talk about flower in a flower store

 - hospitalization

 - visiting a Chinese factory

 - in the court

 - write a dairy

 - attending a party

 - Beijing’s history

 - attending a Chinese wedding

 Learning Outcomes:

 - talk about flowers

 - know the expressions in hospitalization

 - understand the court expressions

 - write a formal notice

 - write a dairy

 - congratulate people at a wedding

 - know more about Beijing’s history

 - use formal and informal expressions in social occasions

 - have some knowledge of classical Chinese poems and couplets