Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers

--Course Objective:

Mandarin for the Cantonese speaker course aims to develop participants’ competence in understanding and speaking Mandarin (pǔ tōng huà). This course is devised specifically for students who are Cantonese Speakers, and concentrates on pronunciation and basic sentence structure using Hànyǔ Pīnyīn to enable students to learn standard Mandarin.

This course will help students to speak Mandarin (pǔ tōng huà) with confidence. There are three levels in the course, and each level is divided into three modules. Students will make rapid progress towards fluency with a course at their level, tailored to their needs. Every student’s progress is monitored from day one and they receive regular feedback throughout the course. Students are impressed at just how quickly their confidence grows as their pronunciation skills improve, and they are immersed in real-life situations and interactions within a Chinese - speaking environment.

  Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers Level 1

 Pre-requisites: No prior or very little knowledge required

 Relative Topics:

 - pinyin sounds

 - family members

 - money unit

 - measure words study 1

 - general knowledge of Mandarin

 - numbers and telephone numbers

 - formal and informal greetings

 - introduction of yourself and others

 -presenting name card and leave-takings

 Learning Outcomes:

 - know all the pinyin sounds

 - greet people formally and informally

 - Introduce yourself and others

 - talk about family members

 - use money units and describe prices

 - handle measure words and nouns

 - talk about and gather personal information

 -jobs, nationalities, likes and dislikes

 - likes and dislikes

  Mandarin for Cantonese-Speakers Level 2

 Pre-requisites: No prior or very little knowledge required

 Relative Topics:

 - revision on pinyin sounds

 - Revision on numbers

 - money unit and measure words

 - exchange moneys

 - time and dates

 - daily activities

 - -organizing out-going activities

 - measure words study 2

 - shopping 1: clothes, size and colors

 Learning Outcomes:

 - know pinyin sounds better

 - use choice type questions

 - express time and dates

 - arrange outgoing activities

 - asking for comment and give comment

 - know more measure words

 - express size, price and colors

 - handle money unit and express different currencies

 - know how to write numbers in their written forms