Teens Mandarin Class (10-12 years old)

Our Mandarin Chinese lessons for teens are specially designed for young adults from the age of 10 to 17 years old. Our study plan is based on proven Chinese language acquisition theories for teens. We offer a variety of personalized study plan for each teen's Chinese learning style and pace. We design different customized Chinese courses for teens: whether you are preparing for a Chinese test, or looking for a professional Chinese teacher for instruction after class targeting to mandarin courses at Chinese schools, or in some special field such as Chinese literature and Chinese history!

Teens Mandarin Class (10-12 years old)Relative Topics

 - making telephone calls

 - describing people’s appearance

 - asking permission and answer it

 - measure words study 4

 - reinforce pinyin sounds

 - likes and dislike

 - large numbers

 - school subjects

 - school exams

 - duration of time

 - describe actions

 - clothing

 - colors and size

 - locations

 - school life

Children Mandarin Class (3-9 years old)

 - establishes and maintains communication in familiar situations

 - applies a range of linguistic structures to express own ideas in writing

 - demonstrates understanding of the interdependence of language and culture

 - demonstrates knowledge of key features of the culture of Chinese-speaking communities

 - demonstrates understanding of the importance of appropriate use of language in diverse contexts

 - demonstrates understanding of the main ideas and supporting detail in spoken texts and responds appropriately

 - demonstrates understanding of the main ideas and supporting detail in written texts and responds appropriately

 - explores the diverse ways in which meaning is conveyed by comparing and describing structures and features of Chinese