Business Mandarin Course

--Course Objective:

This course is designed for business and professionals who want to know about the economic situation in China, conduct business with Chinese people, plan to work in China or already work in a Mandarin environment. It will enable the trainee to communicate in the language and develop accuracy and confidence by putting them in a context where they immediately use the language..

  Level 5 – Intermediate (100 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete lower intermediate course, or approximately 150-160 hours of prior study.


 - Topic 1: Branches of a company.

 - Topic 2: Branches of the Chinese government.

 - Topic 3: Making agendas.

 - Topic 4: Writing meeting minutes.

 - Topic 5: Making presentations.

 - Topic 6: Review

 - Topic 7: Advertisement.

 - Topic 8: Compensation.

 - Topic 9: Writing a C.V. and attending an interview.

 - Topic 10: Review

 - Topic 11: Hiring an employee.

 - Topic 12: Asking for leave

 - Topic 13: Training the employee.

 - Topic 14: Writing daily official documents.

 - Topic 15: Assigning Tasks.

 - Topic 16: Review.

 - Topic 17: Annual planning and reporting.

 - Topic 18: Cultural differences.

 - Topic 19: Chinese internet-blog and Twitter.

 - Topic 20: Review

 Learning Outcomes:

This is a transition level from general business to specific business. At the end of this lesson you are capable of writing and delivering a lengthy speech in Chinese, read and write advanced level business e-mail messages, C.V., preparing daily official documents and giving presentations. Sensing the undertones and reading between the lines in the office.

  Level 6 – Upper Intermediate (100 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete intermediate course, or approximately 250-260 hours of prior study.


 - Topic 1: Applying for and Accepting a Job.

 - Topic 2: Employment and Training.

 - Topic 3: Business Communication.

 - Topic 4: International Exhibition and Trade Fair.

 - Topic 5: Conference and Visit.

 - Topic 6: Review

 - Topic 7: Company Types.

 - Topic 8: Price Inquiry and Negotiation.

 - Topic 9: Goods Delivery and Payment.

 - Topic 10: Review

 - Topic 11: Business Disputes.

 - Topic 12: Marketing.

 - Topic 13: Enterprise Management and Culture.

 - Topic 14: Special Economic Zone.

 - Topic 15: Environmental Protection.

 - Topic 16: Review.

 - Topic 17: Intellectual Property Rights.

 - Topic 18: Security Market.

 - Topic 19: Sustainable Development.

 - Topic 20: Review

 Learning Outcomes:

You will be able to discuss complex business topics and deeper social economic issues. Know more business investment environment and China’s business etiquette. Read the articles selected from mainstream business newspapers and understand demanding business texts like contracts and certificates. The internet will also be reviewed.

  Level 7 – Advanced (Flexible)
This level is called Field-specific Business Chinese. It is designed to give you a general grounding in certain areas of Business Chinese which are of greatest relevance to you, whatever they might be. Our teachers are from different educational backgrounds; we will find the teacher that is suitable for any field, including: IT, Finance, Environmental Conservation, Education, Psychology, Management, Venture Capital, etc. We also provide information about the developing situation of particular fields in China that you are interested in.