Business Mandarin Course

--Course Objective:

This course is designed for business and professionals who want to know about the economic situation in China, conduct business with Chinese people, plan to work in China or already work in a Mandarin environment. It will enable the trainee to communicate in the language and develop accuracy and confidence by putting them in a context where they immediately use the language..

  Level 3 – Elementary (50 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete beginning and post-beginning courses, or approximately 50 to 60 hours of prior study.


 - Chapter 1: On the Airplane

 - Chapter 2: Going Through Customs

 - Chapter 3: Checking in at a Hotel

 - Chapter 4: Banking

 - Chapter 5: Review

 - Chapter 6: Business Banquets

 - Chapter 7: Business Meetings

 - Chapter 8: Price Negotiation

 - Chapter 9: Closing the Deal

 - Chapter 10: Review

 Cultural Awareness:

 - Popular gifts that Chinese businessmen like

 - Gift-sending taboo

 - Chinese table manner

 - Chinese toasting etiquette

 Learning Outcomes:

In this level, you will study topics related to business, such as Business Etiquette, Business Banquets, and Business Meetings to understand how Chinese businessmen think. Economic information is also provided. Furthermore, from this level, we introduce role-plays relating to actual business situations. At the end of level 3, you will be able to handle money unit and express different currencies, make request & suggestions, asking for comment and give comment, make request & suggestions, express size, price and colors. -express the actions in the past -know more measure words

  Level 4 – Lower intermediate (50 hours in total)

 Pre-requisites: Complete elementary course, or approximately 100-110 hours of prior study.


 - Chapter 1: Strolling Around the Street.

 - Chapter 2: This is my wife.

 - Chapter 3: Contract Drafting

 - Chapter 4: Official Contract Signing

 - Chapter 5: Ordering Products

 - Chapter 6: Foreign Investment

 - Chapter 7: Stock Market

 - Chapter 8: Public Relations

 - Chapter 9: Building Connections

 - Chapter 10: Saying Goodbye

 Cultural Awareness:

 - Bargaining

 - Non-public economies

 - Stock Market in China

 - The Relations between company and government

 Learning Outcomes:

In this level, you will be able to discuss relatively wide range topics in Chinese and are capable of communicating with Chinese speakers at a high standard, express more business topics such as Visiting Vendor’s Stands, Stock Market and Public Relations. Relevant economic information is continually provided. Furthermore, you will use more Chinese business vocabulary and phrases which will help you move onto the next level.