About 10-Day Intensive Mandarin Course

--10 Days

This intensive course is perfect for anyone wanting a quick, but in-depth introduction to the Mandarin language. On the course students learn all the basic essentials to survive on China’s bustling streets. Taught by a dedicated teacher with the goal to send you out after 10-days with the full knowledge of the four tones, pinyin, basic words and expressions that are essential in everyday life situations.

The class is designed to focus on conversing with Chinese locals, which is why within the two-hour course of the class students are encouraged to speak and practice as the topics are introduced. Each session will start with a review of what was taught in the previous one and finish with a spoken practice of everything learnt within the class.

  Topics Covered Over 10-Day Period:
  Day 1:    Introduction – An overview of pinyin pronunciation, writing and reading.
  Day 2:    Introduce yourself – Learn how to introduce your name, nationality, family member and what language you speak.
  Day 3:     Numbers, Countries and Directions- learn numbers 1 -1000 and how to ask how much something is. As well as the directions (North, South, East West) and continent and country names.
  Day 4:     Taxi talk – Learn the basic conversational skills needed to describe where you are going and how to give and understand directions.
  Day 5:    Food – Learn how to order in restaurants and names of various foods in Chinese.
  Day 6:    Colors and clothes – Introduction to general colors and items of clothing
  Day 7:    Shopping – Use what you learnt from last week to description what you are looking for, what size and how to bargain.
  Day 8:    Time – Learn how to say and ask for the date and time.
  Day 9:    Transportation – Learn modes of transportation, all the verbs needed to describe travelling around the city. As well asking questions such as ‘which bus do I take?’ or ‘how can I get here with the subway?’
  Day 10:    Conversation Review – Go over everything learnt over the past 9 sessions and hold conversations with other students in the class.