General Mandarin Course  


    --The course is designed for English speakers

    --Looking to systematically study

    --General Mandarin or Business Mandarin

    --From Beginer Lever to an advanced level

    --Please view Levels Outcomes below:

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 Course Objective:

   Freely communicate

  in daily life

    read essays

  and newspapers

    using complex


  A Taste of Mandarin Class


      Two 2-hour sessions

    --Topics include:

      Small Talk     Ordering Food

      Shopping      Transportation

  10-Day Intensive Mandarin Course


      Ten 2-hour sessions

      Intensive learning experience

      Focus on spoken Chinese

      Fast result in a short time

      Similar benefits to full immersion

  Korean & Japanese Speaker


    --Connection with background

      Analysis unique challenges

      Evaluate current knowledge

      Tailor curriculum learning potential

      Emphasize pronunciation and conversational

  Special Interest Courses
Chinese Character Course
This course is designed for students in revolutionary New Way to Learn and memorize 1000 the Most Basic Chinese Characters by means of visualization, imagination, association, and comparison. Students will learn the basic components and features of the Chinese character - the radicals, pronunciations, meanings and inter-relationships. After completing this course, students to be familiar with Chinese characters and the key ways of mastering new characters, and will have consequently improve their reading ability. Students can then choose to enter the General Mandarin Course Level 5 if they wish to study further.
    We offer 3 Sessions (15hours each session) in the Chinese Character Course:Click to Enlarge
Chinese Reading Course
    This course is designed for students who have an intermediate level (or above) of Mandarin Chinese language. The main goals of the course are to improve reading proficiency from a wide variety of media sources including newspaper, magazines and Internet.In this course, you will read up-to-date reports from media sources, which cover a wide variety of subjects, such as China's Economy, exchange rate, International affairs, Real-estate Bubbles in China, sports events etc. You will learn about the latest headlines, hot social topics, popular words, etc.
Brief Schedule
Tue & Thu:
Evenning Class: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Wed & Fri
Daytime Class: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Private Class: $300HKD/ per hour
Group class I: $200HKD per hour/ per person
Group Class II: $150HKD per hour/ per person
  Children and Teens Mandarin Programme Offered by:

    --Preschool Class      --After School Class      --Weekend Class

    --Privat Intensive Class      --Summer Immersion Class

  Children Mandarin Class (3-9 years old)
  Specially design

  Practical skills

  Fun topics

  Useful for everyday life

  Teens Mandarin Class (10-17 years old)
  Personalized study plan

  Acquisition language theories

  Special field study

  Guarantee learning goals

  Stages of children Class   
Please Click Stage Images Below:   
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Stage 2 Cotnents-->
Stage 3 Contents-->
Stage 4 Contents-->
Stage 5 Contents-->
Stage 6 Contents-->
Stage 7 Contents-->
   Chinese Painting Class

Major Categories :

  Bird, Flower, Animal


  Figure, Folklore, Religion


  12 lessons per term

  1 hour and 30 minutes per lesson

Brief Schedule & Tuition
After School Class: --4:00pm-5:30pm
Intensive Class: --10:00am-12:00 and 2:00pm-4:pm
Summer Holiday Class:-- 6th/July -6th/Aug
Special Interest Class: --Upon inquiry
Private Class: --HKD$300 per hour
On Site Corporate Mandarin-Course Objective
We provide tailored courses for corporations, organizations and executives, and can also arrange one-on-one sessions. We focus on professionalism, efficiency and flexibility for learners to acquire and improve Mandarin communication skills in both the business occasions and the daily conversation. When creating the course content we work closely with you to assess your specific needs, and conduct pre-course testing to ensure the course is at the appropriate level for participants.
Business Mandarin Class Main Contents-(click images to enlarge details)   
Why Rainbow Mandarin
    Rainbow Mandarin has been providing general Mandarin course and corporate Mandarin training course in since 2002. All instructors have at least 3 years of mandarin teaching experience. With our experience and deep understanding of our Chinese culture to deliver the highest teaching quality to meet corporate clients needs.
Free Demo Lesson
We offer a free demo lesson for each new student to help you decide whether we are suitable for you, and judge your level to make a teaching plan for you and arrange the most suitable teacher for you.
--Tel:(852) 2861 2886 Fax:(852) 2861 2866
--Address: Room 703,7F/ Wanchai Central
       Building,89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

New Courses Info


Beginner Level 1 Group Class

Duration: 20 hours in 5 weeks

Schedule: 2:00-4.00pm

Starting Date: 10 May 2012

Tuition: HK$2,000; Materials:HK$50

Group Size: 3-4

10-day Intensive Course

Duration: 20 hours in 2 weeks

Schedule: 10am to noon, Weekday

Starting Date: 10 May 2012...

Free Trail & Enquiry


A Free Trial Lesson

By attending a free trial lesson, you will be able to understand:

-How your learning goals and objectives will be achieved?

-How we remove your major worries before your learning?

-What you are going to learn within a agreed time frame?

-What is our Mandarin Chinese teaching course structure?

-How we help you learn in a faster and more effective way?

Class Tuition


Tuition for PrivateClass

--Hours----Price per Hour--Total Price

20 Hours---$300 per Hour----$6,000

10 Hours---$320 per Hour----$3,200

For 20 Hours Group Class

Group Size---Price per person

2 Persons--$200 per Hour / Person

3-4 Persons-$150 per Hour / Person

5-6 Persons-$100 per Hour / Person

Class Schedule


Weekday & SaturdayClass

10:00am--Noon or 10:30am--12:30

1:00pm--3:00pm or 2:00pm--4:00pm

5:30pm--7:00pm or7:30pm--9:00pm

 Lunch Time Special


   Intensive Class

10:00am--Noon and 2:00pm--4:00pm

  or Arranged upon inquiry

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Office Location: Room 703, 7 Floor, Wancai Central Building, 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




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